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Khaeng Khoi, Thailand. 3 April 1945. Aerial view from one of the attacking RAF Liberator aircraft during the attack on the marshalling yards. Great clouds of smoke cover the target area, while a denser cloud of black smoke denotes a direct hit on an oil wagon standing in the middle of the yards. A main centre of Japanese locomotive and wagon repair facilities, seventy five miles north east of Bangkok was attacked by aircraft of No. 356 (Liberator) Squadron RAF of the Strategic Air Force, Eastern Air Command. To attack this target in Siam, the RAF crews flew a total distance of 2,200 miles and carried one of the heaviest bomb loads ever taken by them on such a long daylight mission. Since the destruction of the Makasan workshops at Bangkok, Japanese were compelled to use the Khaeng Khoi repair facilities to an increasing extent. In less than an hour, these facilities had been blasted away. The first wave of aircraft smashed the big carriage shop, setting it on fire, and causing explosions throughout the target area. Three large buildings blew up after another wave had attacked, and as remaining formations dived in, warehouses, transhipment sheds and locomotive sheds crumbled and burst into flames. Picture courtesy of Australian War Memorial.


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