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Slipways at Monfalcone



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Extract from Log Book Thursday 5th April 1945. Liberator B303. Take off - RAF Foggia 13:45 hrs. Landing 17:40 hrs. Bombing Harbour Installations & Slipways at Monfalcone, N. Italy. Pilot: Sgt. R. Phillips. Bomb Aimer: Sgt. E.G. Carter. Extract from : Weekly Intelligence Summary No. 19 10th April 1945 (Note: This weekly summary is intended, primarily, for personnel in Group H.Q. and subsidiary units, who have no direct contact with operations. It is intended to report the operations undertaken and to give the results where known.) Day 5th April A daylight attack was made on MONFALCONE where the very successful attack was carried out on March 16th. At that time there were three floating docks which were required to be put out of action. On that occasion we sunk the large and medium ones but missed the small one in the smoke and confusion. The principal target on this attack was the small floating dock. Reconnaissance photographs after the attack showed that this small dock could no longer be described as


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