Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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  • Al Blue on AM927.
  • Al Blue on origin of LB designation. Also helped straighten out the problem with multiple designations for YB-24s.
  • Al Blue on proposed secret flight over Japanese-held islands.
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  • B-24 Liberator in Action, Larry Davis, Squadron/Signal Publications Inc, 1987.
  • Bob Livingstone on AL516, AL517, AL510,
  • Consolidated B-24D-M Liberator IN USAAF-RAF-RAAF-MLD-IAF-CzechAF and CNAF Service, Ernest R. McDowell, Arco, 1970.
  • E-mail from Bob Redknap on loss of AL523.
  • E-mail from Bob Tupa on history of nose turret installation.
  • E-mail from Gordon Birkett on disposition of some LB-30s.
  • E-mail from Greg Banfield on Qantas LB-30s.
  • E-mail from John Anthony on duplicate applications of serial batch 40-2349/2368.
  • E-mail from John Anthony on duplicate serial numbers for YB-24s.
  • E-mail from Phil Marchese on 41-23765 being the first B-24D1.
  • E-mail from Terence Leary on fates of LB-30s.
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  • Robert Livingstone on AL557
  • United States Military Aircraft Since 1909, Gordon Swanborough and Peter M. Bowers, Smithsonian, 1989.
  • Warplane Classic--Consolidated B-24 Liberator, Robert F. Dorr and Jon Lake, International Air Power Review, Spring 2002 on fates of AL533, AL535, AL567, AL572, AL576, AL609, AL612.