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Detail of Work Carried Out

By :120 Squadron

For the Month of :June  1945


Aircraft Type & Number



Time Up

Time Down

Details of Sortie or Flight



Liberator 8 LL Y/120

F/O H.J. Frewen Capt.

F/S A.J. McKellar (A434854) Co-Pil

F/O J.H. Motum Nav.

F/O W. Twentyman C0-Nav

Sgt. J. Downey Engr

Sgt K.S. Newman WOM.

Sgt J.T. Berrington 1.WOP.

Sgt A.D. McDonald 2.WOP

F/L R.B. Earnshaw G.

F/S C.A. Bawden AG.

F/L C.J. Simpson (J17671) G.(S).

F/Lt J.G. Jeans DFM Engr. Ldr

A/U Patrol

0731B/1 BKY

2134B/1 BKY

Airborne Ballykelly 0731B/1. 0852 On Patrol. 2014 Off Patrol. Nothing to report. 2134B/1 Landed Ballykelly.



Liberator 8 LL W/120

F/L E.B. Smith (J4750) Capt

P/O J.W. Hardick (J44495) CO-Pil.

F/O W.F. Fraser Nav.

P/O A.C. O’Leary Co-Nav (A439607)

Sgt J.M. Lewis Engr.

F/O C.A. Pottinger G(S)

P/O G.A. Mitchell (J47125) G(S)

F/S E.S. King (R254183) AG.

P/O L. Hopaluk (J47118) G(S)

P/O W.E. Busse (J46443) G.

Sgt A.E. Howard WOP.


A/U Patrol

1209B/1 BKY

2240B/1 BKY

Airborne Ballykelly 1209B/1. 1321 On Patrol. 2118 Off Patrol. Nothing to report. 2240B/1. Landed Ballykelly.



Liberator 8 LL C/120

F/L C.E. Goodwin (J14121) Capt.

F/O R.G. Neill (J39591) Co-Pil

F/L B. Craven Nav.

F/O H. McHenry CO-Nav.

W/O L.G. Hales Engr.

F/S D. Worsfold (R252940) 1.WOP

F/S M.?. Harrison (R255057) 2.WOP

F/S A.J. Phillips WOM.

W/O G.W. Robinson AG.

Sgt L. Baker AG.

F/S D.I. Mains 3.WOP.

A/U Escort

0312B/2 BKY

1618B/2 BKY

Airborne Ballykelly 0312B/2. 0522 Met C/V. 1600 Left C/V. Nothing to report. 1618B/2 Landed Ballykelly