Friday, June 18, 2021
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No. 160 Squadron RAF

BZ825/L 160 Sqn, In the Chakeri graveyard, Taken in May 1947. Picture Courtesy of BoB Livingstone

This is BZ826/L Liberator V of 160 Sqn and used on the first mining operation to Singapore on the 26/27 March 1945. This was a 3,200 mile return trip. Top turret removed & aircraft stripped of all non-essential items, even the toilet. The forward bomb bay carried 2x200gal and 1x75gal fuel tank (total fuel load 3280 US gallons) and the rear bomb bay had 3x1000lb mines. Picture & Text Courtesy of Bob Livingstone

Post-war shot of 160 Sqn KN777 BS-A Picture Courtesy of Bob Livingstone

This is the complete crew in front of 160 Sqn Liberator GR.V BZ830 on 9JUL44 at KKS. They had just completed their first operational flight, a 13 hour A/S patrol in BZ868 ""H"". Left to Right Unknown, Ron Adams, Trotter, Unknown, Murray Livingstone, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Picture & Text Courtesy of BoB Livingstone

This is Liberator GR.VI EV819, pranged at Allahabad 12th June 1944. On posting to 160 Sqn, the Trotter crew were allotted this aircraft to deliver to the squadron at Kankesurantai. On take-off from Allahabad at 0745, they hit a truck full of Indians who crossed the runway against a red from the tower, killed a number of them, and damaged the starboard main undercarriage and #4 prop. There was an almighty ""Bang!"" as they hit the truck, and Trotter said, ""What the hell was that?"". My father, who was stand