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6 years 1 month ago #4751 by Gary
Gary replied the topic: Re: Hello!!
Picture as promised

ST.Johns Wood June 1943. Aircrew Cadets.

Back. Mike McGrory. Denny Robertson
Front Jeff pierce Harold Wild Ted Whitehead,

'Yea, Though I Fly Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I Shall Fear No Evil. For I am at 50,000 Feet and Climbing.'

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6 years 1 month ago - 6 years 1 month ago #4752 by stephen whitehead
stephen whitehead replied the topic: Re: Hello!!
Hello Mike,
Yes, thats my father Ted Whitehead on the far right of your photo. Thanks for sending it in and thanks to Gary for posting it. So is Amendola close to Foggia main? I was not aware of that. I have a large tinted photo of Ted as a cadet wearing the same cap. I\\\'m very pleased to hear from someone who served with him.
Thanks again for getting in touch Mike.

Best Regards,
Steve Whitehead.
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6 years 1 month ago #4753 by michaelmcgrory63
michaelmcgrory63 replied the topic: Re: Hello!!
Hi Steve, I am glad to know that you now have another photo & more info of your Dad Ted. That is why I wanted you to see my pic. The time-scale seemed right... Yatesbury. Qastina & Italy

St Johns Wood ( Lords cricket ground ) was a large reception centre. We, a bunch of eighteen-year olds, were gathered together for induction into the RAF. We were billetted in nearby flats that had been requisitioned by the MOD. There we were, about 10 per room in bunk beds.
Ted, along with the others in the photo were in the same room. and were more or less pals for our short stay there. We were jagged, inoculated, probed, then lectured, kitted-out, marched up & down St johns, ran back & for to the dining-hall ( in the local Zoo would you believe ) and had PT exercises till we were ready to drop

After St Johns we were split-up and posted to ITW,s for square bashing. I went to Bridgenorth ITW. There we were divided into Flights ( classes). So Steve. it is poss that Ted was there also, but in a different Flight

Same applies to Radio School, Ted may have been there in a different Flight.......I gained my brevet june 1944, Then it was Egypt for Gunnery School, Qastina for OTU & Abu Sueir for HCU & finally Italy.

Foggia Main was an extensive area of which I think Amendola was part of. There were a number of Raf Squadrons flying Wimpeys & Liberators and, USSAF flying Fortresses operating from Amendola

There are some great pics on the site of Amendola, Showing the snow, heavy downpours And as it was called \" the tented city\" among the olive trees

Steve, I am sorry I didn\'t know of this site 2 years ago. It would have been nice ( I\'m just dreaming )

In the photo, Denny Robertson hailed from Aberdeen. About 1954/5 met him in a store in Glasgow. He was a PT instructor in secondary school in Aberdeen.

Through the years I kept in touch with my mates of F/Sgt Rushton\'s crew, by Xmas Cards & the odd letter.
One-by one they have gone. I am the last of the Mohicans.
I made a great friend of another W/op, Bob Robins. We were together nearly 4 years in the RAF.
Bob lived in London and i saw him a few times through the years I was at his 80th. Birthday Party in 2004 & from then saw him 3/4 times a year until he died April 2011.

Well Steve, that\'s about it. You\'ll have gathered I live north of the Border. I live in Largs, a small seaside town In Ayrshire.

If there is anything further that I can add, please get in touch ( time is running out )
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Take care Steve, Kind regards to you & family.
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