Friday, May 14, 2021
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No. 40 Squadron RAF

Here's Bob's crew. The photograph was taken at Aviano on 18th May 1945 by Maurice Harmes who was Matt's Bomb Aimer. He was using the large RAF Air Camera. He took a very similar photo of Matt's crew which is also shown on this website. Left To Right. Taff Morris (Waist Gunner), Two Italian Partisans, George Wootton (Tail Gunner), Dick Tindell (Mid Upper Gunner) Bob Simpson (Pilot) Geof Cole (Flight Engineer) Arthur Burley (Wireless Operator) Harry Hatton (Navigator). Missing is Bomb Aimer Jock Burt who did not join this supply run. We carried composite rations and indeed we needed to open one of the boxes as we had to stay overnight to wait for a damaged tyre to be replaced from Foggia. The two partisans you see laid on a party for us in a little house not far from the airfield. They also supplied us with much from the German Quartermaster's Stores. I still have a Luftwaffe cap, but handed a Bauer pistol. I have recollections of a pretty young girl by the name of Augusta. The partisans brought her out to the aircraft the following day and indeed that was another occasion to open another box of compo' rations. I wonder if she still lives in Aviano? We flew back to Foggia on 19th. We transported flour there on 20th. We transported jerry cans of petrol on 21st, 23rd and 25th but it was always a quick turn round and there was no further chance to get into the town. Photo & Text Courtesy Of George Wootten.

Left To Right. Dick Tindell Mid Upper Gunner. George Wootten, Rear Gunner. Geof Coles, Flight Engineer. Bob Simpson, Pilot. Harry Halton, Navigator. Arthur Burley, Wireless Operator. Jock Burt, Bomb Aimer. Picture Courtesy of Matt Kennedy

The crew photo shows Back Row F/E Dave Bremner, Nav Cyril King, Pilot Matt Kennedy, W/Op Jim Mitchell, Bomb Aimer Maurice Harmes Front Row. A/G Charlie Mansfield A/G Stan Mansfield. A light reflection spoilt this photo. Photo & Text Courtesy Of Matt Kennedy.

Matt Kennedy's Crew. Picture courtesy of Matt Kennedy.

40 Squadron at Foggia, Italy 1945. One day after VJ Day. Picture courtesy of Matt Kennedy.

Photo was taken after we had landed at Aviano with supplies for the 8th Army. Picture & Text Courtesy of Matt Kennedy.

Some of our crew on another trip to Aviano.

Left to right. F/S Jim Mitchell W/OP, F/S Dave Bremner, Flight Engineer, F/S Stan Mansfield, Mid Upper Gunner, F/S Cyril King, Navigator, F/S Maurice Harmes, Bombaimer,Photographer, Name Unknown, W/O Ron Tarrant, W/OP/Air Gunner. We must have left Charlie Mansfield, Stan's twin, at base that day. Picture & Text Courtesy of Matt Kennedy

40 Squadron Aircrew at Foggia Main in April, 1945. Picture Courtesy of Matt Kennedy

Dick Tindell (40 Sqdn) by the mid upper turret. It was the duty of the mid-upper to check out the taxi path of the liberators, both prior to take off and after landing. From their elevated position they had an excellent view of wing tips. The turret is a the Martin, which was used throughout the war. It was electrically driven and featured normal and high speed tracking. All our aircraft carried two point fives in the turret but some of the later aircraft produced could have carried cannons. Photo & Text Courtesy Of George Wootten.