Description of the Squadron's Badge
A demi-lion erased, holding a flash of lightning
 No 178 Squadron RAF Crest
Squadron's Motto: Irae emissarii (Emissaries of wrath)
Formation date: 15 January 1943
Brief History:  

Formed at from a detachment of No 160 Squadron Shandur on 15 January 1943, it was equipped with Liberators and began bombing operations immediately. Moving to Libya in March the squadron carried out missions against targets in North Africa, Italy and the Balkans as well as carrying out supply dropping mission to Northern Italy and Poland.

The squadron moved to Italy in March 1944 and continued to operate from there until the end of the war. Some Halifaxes were used between May and September 1943 but it was November 1945 before the Liberators were replaced by Lancasters, by which time the squadron was back in Egypt at Fayid, where it was disbanded by being renumbered No 70 Squadron 15 April 1946.

Squadron Bases & Airfields   Equipment Used and Dates
Shandur 15/1/1943   Liberator II 1/1943-12/1943
Hose Raui (Ghemines) 4//1943   Halifax II 5/1943-9/1943
Detachment Shandur.   Liberator III 9/194-7/1944
Terria 1/10/1943   Liberator VI 1/1944-1/1946
Detachment El Adem   Lancaster III 11/1945-4/1946
El Adem 1/1/1944    
Celeone 1/3/1944    
Amendola 4/7/1944    
Detachment Ein Shemar    
Eon Shemar 25/8/1945    
Fayid 5/11/1945 - 15/4/1946    
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Squadron Photos


Aircraft Photos

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Personnel Photos

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Squadron Colours


Halifax II

May 1943 - Sep 1943




Liberator II

Jan 1943 - Dec 1943




Liberator III

Sep 1943 - Jul 1944




Liberator VI

Jan 1944 - Jan 1946




Lancaster III

Nov 1945 - Apr 1946





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