RAF Serial Number   AM920
Mk.   I
Details   To BOAC as G-AGHG:- Please note that my records show that G-AGHG was allocated to AM262 on 08/06/43, but was not taken up and it continued flying as AM262. It appears that it may have flown in BOAC colours or motiffs but was restored to the RAF in 09/44.
Additional Notes   Ex B-24A USAAF reg 40-2359: To BOAC as G-AHYB (Military Aircraft Markings): 19/08/46 reg as G-AHYB - canx 06/03/51: 04/51 to France as F-BEFR {ABH) Please note I have two sources which show that this was registered as G-AHYB - Military Aircraft Markings and air-Britain register.


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