Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Unlucky Liberator "A"

I recently received a letter from Ken Kemp, who was a rear gunner with 215 Squadron, in which he stated that he disliked flying missions in certain aircraft (specifically Liberator “A”) as they had had so many problems when flying this aircraft that they regarded "A" as unlucky. The list of “problems” in his own words are as follows:

  • The crash at night by a Liberator at Kolar HCU
  • My first operation to Pyinmana when the inter-com went U/S. I didn’t know we were over the target until the “Flak” came up.
  • Artificial horizon went U/S on a night operation to Hanio, we had to abort, landing at Advance base next day to Chittagong then eventually to base still with our bombs on board (aircraft “A”).
  • The operation to Kanchuanburi when our port engine was hit at low level, only the skill of S/Ldr Williams saved us (“A” again)
  • When we had to jettison 2 full bomb bay tanks of petrol when the port engine had to be feathered and the aircraft couldn’t maintain height (“A” again)
  • I assume other aircrews also had their “favourite” and “disliked” aircraft.