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No. 8 Squadron R.A.F.

Description of the Squadron's BadgeAn Arabian dagger sheathed.
Squadron's Motto:Uspianm et passim (Everywhere unbounded)
Formation date:
Brief History:
Disbanded 1/20, reforming 10/20. mid 1942 to recon role, Disbanded 5/45 and No.200 renumbered to No.8 and disbanded 11/45. Reformed 9/46 from No.114 (renumbered) as Bomber squadron and transferred to Fighter Command 12/1952. Disbanded 1971, reformed 8/1/1972
Squadron Bases & Airfields Equipment Used and Dates
Jessore: 15 May 1945 Vincent: Apr 1935 - Mar 1942
Khormaksar: Feb 1927 -1st May 1945 Blenheim I: Apr 1939 - Mar 1942
Minneriya: 21 May - 15 Nov 1945 Blenheim IV: Aug 1941 - Apr 1943
Blenheim V: Sep 1942 - Jan 1944
Maryland I: Aug 1940 - Jan 1941
Hudson VI: Feb 1943 - Jan 1944
Wellington XIII: Dec 1943 - May 1945

No.8 Squadron was formed at Brooklands on 1 January 1915 and moved to France in April 1915 with B.E.2cs Reconnaissance and bombing missions were flown over the Western Front until squadrons became specialised, No.8 becoming a corps reconnaissance unit. Artillery spotting and tactical reconnaissance duties occupied the squadron for the rest of the war, it's B.E.s being replaced by R.E.8s in August 1917. A few weeks into the Armistace, Bristol Fighters were received and in July No.8 returned to the UK where it was disbanded on 20 January 1920. On 18 October 1920, No.8 was reformed at Helwan with D.H.9As and in February 1921 was transferred from Egypt to Iraq for patrol duties when the RAF was given responsibility for the security of the new country

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