Saturday, May 15, 2021
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No. 159 Squadron RAF

Mingaladon airfield, Rangoon, Dec 1944. Bombed repeatedly by the RAF and Americans. Photo & Text Courtesy of Matt Poole.

HEHO airfield, Burma, night of 5/6 Feb 1944, 159 Squadron. Photo taken from BZ 897 'Z', piloted by then-F/O Roy McDougall. Nav/bomb aimer: F/Lt Denis Boissier. Note bombs bursting across runway. Japanese records show that 55 bombs hit the Heho runways in the 159 Squadron and 99 Squadron attacks flown on successive nights. (159 flew both nights; not sure about 99 Squadron.) Photo & Text Courtesy of Matt Poole.

Attack on Jumbhorn Bridge 11/02/45. F/O P. Crozier. Photo courtesy of Thomas Oliver.

Photo taken over the target, 3 Nov '44, daylight raid by American B-29s based in India. Note the roundhouse & turntable, camouflaged factory/industrial roofs, old bomb craters, rolling stock in the yard. Note also the roof of the roundhouse - some light, some dark - evidence of patchwork from past raids. Also, note the shadow on the outer edge of the roundhouse. You can see where sunlight has shone right through holes in the roof. Picture & Text Courtesy of Matt Poole.

Precision daylight bombing. Picture Courtesy of Matt Poole.

US 40th Photo Recon Squadron took this post-raid shot. The roundhouse, which had survived repeated bombing up to that point, was never the same. Only about half of the roundhouse was rebuilt. Picture & Text Courtesy of Matt Poole.