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The Germans had flooded the plains around the valley of the Po and on the 9th April 45, a lovely morning with sunshine and a gentle breeze the eighth army made a silent retreat. from the floodbanks. That is when the medium and fighter bombers came in. Time after time they came and the Germans still had heads down when the assault came with portable pontoon equipment. We went over quite low on the 12th. For me this was a first battle operation (as opposed to a war operation) with a flaming M for mother on the ground indicating the extent of the eighth army's advance. As we crossed over the recognition signal, searchlights came on pointing towards the German lines and by their light the tanks rolled forward. 205 Group devastated Argenta but the operation opened up the Argenta gap. The whole task of crossing the flooded plains and taking Argenta was so formidable that the army called it the 'Impossible Victory.' Picture & Text Courtesy of George Wootten


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