Wednesday, May 05, 2021
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Serial Number: KH113
Aircraft Mk & Type Mk VI Liberator
Squadrons: 356
Details: Damaged by flak near Pegu, 29.3.45; not repaired
References: AB
Notes: KH113/S  Only flown by 356 Squadron.  This Liberator was a later B-24J built at Fort Worth, arriving in India in August 1944.  On the 29th March 1945 she returned to Salbani from an operational flight with severe flak damage, the damage was too extensive to repair and she was scrapped.  She was SOC on the 31st May 1945.  There is a photograph of her flying operationally over the skies of Burma, this photograph formed the basis of a painting executed by Michael Turner.  Flew operationally with 356 Squadron on 32 occasions.



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