Wednesday, May 05, 2021
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Serial Number: KH126
Aircraft Mk & Type Mk VIII Liberator
Squadrons: 120/59/53

Flew into ground after take-off on trooping flight, Broadway Pound, somerset, 22.11.45

References: AB



(Somerset County Gazette)

Among the 27 killed when a Liberator of R.A.F. Transport Command crashed shortly

after leaving Merrifield R.A.F. Station near Ilminster, on Thursday last week, were four

Polish members of the crew F/L L Mielecki F/O S KleyborF/L J BrzezinskF/O A Wize and second pilot, F/O Gordon Jenkins Meyers, R.A.F

Other fatal casualties were:

Major H. WG. Staunton (Indian Medical Service)

Capt H. C. Buck (1st Punjab Regiment)

Lieut. P.J. Biles (Royal Indian Army Service Corps)

Lieut. A. G. Quick (Indian Signal Corps),

and the following Signalmen of the Royal

Corps of Signals:

 A. J. Birch, R. C. Anderson, R. O. Anderson,

J. H. Attwood, B. Benjamin J. W. A. Brewis,

W. Charlton, A. E. Clark L J. Currey.

H. Donovan. L. H. Downs. L. R. Dyer. P. B. Fairburn R. D. Farrance

F. Gent. R. Williams. C. Williams and Driver (i/c) B. Fox.