Thursday, August 05, 2021
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John H. Reeves. 930416. LAC. Volunteer reserve enlisted Uxbridge July 1940. Posted to RAF Wittering .Northants (headquarters runner 12th group ops-Postman), I joined 108 at Fayid in December 1941(Instrument section).

Instrument course at RAF Melksham.Posted to RAF Biggin Hill - 264 Defiant Squadron January 1941.

Volunteered for overseas service September 1941.

As far as I remember 108 Squadron formed a detachment to accommodate the 2 Liberators that were used for covert operations over Yugoslavia, I and other members of 108 Squadron serviced the Libs for a spell .

I took the small picture of the distant Lib with a small Italian camera (negative size 1/1/4X1x3/8) in early 1941 when she was being loaded for Operations.


The larger picture I acquired later and it is marked 'Shandur'


The 108 Squadron Instrument section work list was taken when the Squadron was operating from Kabrit on the canal zone in 1942 with round the clock bombing of Rommels Africa Corps .The picture confirms that 108 Squadron was still 'A' and 'B' flights - when there was some thought that 'A' flight had become the Liberator operation.