Bob Hedaux & Jack Freer (Fifty Six Years On)



Bob on the left and Jack on the right.
Picture taken Sorrento (Italy) 1945

Bob on the left and Jack still on the right
Picture taken Bob Juniors Back Garden 2001

I was first contacted by the sons of Bob in February 2001 asking about their fathers Service records. I checked the copies of the Operations Records Books for 178 Squadron and found details of their fathers crew. In April 2001 I was contacted by Jack Freer who was looking for members of his old crew, again I turned to the ORB's for 178 Squadron and found that he was on the same crew as Bob. I then contacted both Jack and Bob's sons and told them of the discovery (there is a embarrassing story connected to this). After several emails between them they finally got together again on the 8th July 2001 some fifty six years after they last saw each other.

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